Saturday, January 31, 2009

More Art Journal Pages

Here are some art journal pages that I've done this last month. Some were inspired by writing I did prompted by The Awe-Manac and others were inspired by other things in my life right now.

In other art news, I'm gearing up for Artfest in April. I just completed my 32 ATCs for a book one of the other Artfesters is making. This is the first time I've made this many ATCs just for one project. I don't think I've made more than 6 before for swaps, so this was a lot of work.
I'm also making mermaid magnets for trading. I actually made 32 magnets last weekend. And I'm not tired of making them yet!

Monday, January 19, 2009

One World One Heart Giveaway


Why is it so much fun, so fulfilling, to give things away? I don't know, but here I am, giving some things away. Below are two sets of little things I've made that I'm giving away for the One World-One Heart Giveaway. In order to win, you must leave a comment on this post. The winners will be chosen randomly on February 12, 2009.

If you click on the badge above, you can also see all of the other bloggers who are involved in the giveaway. I hope you'll take some time to check out their blog giveaways.

These are some sweet little marble magnets. Mmm, I could lick that cupcake...but I won't.

These lovely glittered tags can be used as book marks or gift tags or anything else you can think of!

I will be adding things to the giveaway as we get closer to February 12, so there will definately be more than two winners.

Oh, and those people who I owe things to for an earlier giveaway, I have them done! I'll mail them to one person and probably show up unannounced at another's house. I hope you like what I've made for you!

So, leave a comment and win!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Art Journal 2009

I know you've all been dying to see some more art, so here are a few art journal pages I've done recently. Right now the art journal and other "artsy" stuff occupy TSH's side of the bed. What will I do when he gets back?

Island of Yesterday Art Journal PageI think the above journal proves once and all that I should stick to glueing things to paper rather than drawing. But it was fun, nonetheless. The poem can be found in a slightly more legible form on My Meandering Musings.

Circle Questions and There's Nothing I...Pages

I enjoyed practicing my little squiggly lines on the above page. I haven't played with squiggly lines in years. I forgot how good I was at them. Ahhhh, if I could just have a career based on squiggly lines, I would be set!