Monday, July 14, 2008

Romance Magnets and Back to School for Yvonne

Here are some new items available in my Etsy store.

The marble magnets combine two things I love: Fluffy romance novels and making collage magnets. I used text from one of my own previously read fluffy romance novels as I made the magnets. I have to admit that I also read the book again (at least the good parts!) as I was searching for the perfect words to match the images. Once again, the images for the magnets were from takeabreak's Flickr page.

love magnet set

romance marbles set

Below, we have Yvonne again. You may remember her from her day as the Queen of the 4th of July Parade. Now she's heading back to school. And she's not very excited. Poor Yvonne. At least she has a cool lunchbox and some fun new dresses!

yvonne school tags set 1

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Lilli said...

These tags are adorable! And you must have a lot of patience to do such small work with those magnets :)