Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sleep, please!

This page was inspired by the three hours of sleep I had last night (well, really early this morning). It wasn't until after 4 o'clock that I was tired enough that I could sleep despite my cough. I didn't want to take a day off work today, since it's the end of the quarter and I have a bunch of grading to get done, but I also didn't think I would be able to go to work on no sleep. So, about 3:30 this morning I decided to write a lesson plan for the sub and call the system to find a sub. I also called my doctor and asked for a prescription for some cough syrup...maybe I'll actually sleep tonight.

So, that's why this page is about sleep and being tired. Because I am so tired!


Nina said...

I hope you recover soon:)

Nicole said...

something must be going around. I woke up sick yesterday (march 31st) and it is NO FUN!