Sunday, April 6, 2008

Flower Fairy Collages

In honor of spring, I've been working on this little flower fairy collages for about two weeks. They've been so much fun to do, and I just wish I had more free time (not working and without the children) to work on more art-stuff. I think this is the longest I've worked on a little project like this. There are several layers involved here. I've described them below.

1. On a canvas board, glue on (I used gel medium) ripped up pieces of different texts. I think I used about 3 or 4 different texts on each board. 2. Paint with acrylic paints. 3. Spray with Java color Walnut Ink (I want to get some that is lighter next time. The Java is really dark.). 4. Stamp with gold pigment ink script stamp. 4. Flip watered down acrylic paint (the same color as the original layer) on the background. 5. Make a borderwith vintage music pages (mine came from an old clarinet book) that have been aged with chalk ink. 6. Glue on copy of vintage image from internet. 7. Stamp on vintage paper the word with gold pigment ink. Use Xyrex machine to make stickers of the stamps. 8. Use trims and flowers (I bought mine from Marilyn at Outside the Lines) to finish up the collage. 9. Use masking tape to adhere a ribbon to the back for easy hanging. 10. Select pretty scrapbook paper, cut it to fit the back of the canvas board, and adhere it to the back to of the collage.

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