Monday, April 7, 2008

"Life is" Art Journal Page

This week's word for the Art Journal Challenge Flickr Group was "Life." I was thinking about that word as I was going through a magazine that I really needed to get rid of (I have to purge the stuff I've been saving before this baby comes or else he'll be sleeping in a box of magazines and craft supplies) when I saw the picture of a woman in a green dress. And I thought she was full of life and happiness. So, she was my inspiration for these pages. I then started thinking about all of the things that are my life, the things that make me happy to be alive and I wrote those things down as I thought of them.
I think this is my most positive art journal page yet. Everything else I've done has focused on being tired, and pregnant, and in pain, and tired. This, however, is going to be one of those pages that I'll keep turning to because it just makes me happy to see and read it!


Nicole said...

I apparently need to make a happy page, too. Maybe I should post copies of it all over my house, one in each room. That could serve as my happy pill each day, because mostly I focus on how many diapers I change, how much spit up I wipe up, and how many times I pick up the same toys.

Andria said...

It definately does make me feel better. And it's a good idea to post it throughout the house to remind me to be less ornery.

Lilli said...

I love these colors :)